Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Confessions Of Arachnophobia...

Writing this post is really hard for me. Your kind words of support would be greatly appreciated.

I want to raise awareness and understanding of people who suffer from Arachnophobia. People such as myself. Who get laughed at for crying when there's a spider within 100 meters of me. Or get chased around a room with a spider in a jar because people think it's funny to make an unfit girl run. Or post pictures on my Facebook wall of big furry long legged fat I can't even continue that sentence nor reread it to check if there's any spelling mistakes so please ignore and move on...


I was going to write some big heartfelt paragraph backed up with genuine statistics of spiders but when I googled it I nearly cried because Google was all picture savvy and the statistics just made me even more scared. So instead I included in this blog lots of fun spider memes.

I have since day 1 of my life had a phobia of the little cretins and people are always going on at me telling  me to 'face my fears' and tackle it by myself. How about no.Please don't even lecture me on why spiders are a good thing. That's like telling someone with a fear of heights to jump off the Empire State building without a rope. JEEZ.

This past week has been particularly hard for me. My housemate and myself decided to tackle the amazon rain forest aka our beyond overgrown back garden in our student squalor. This involved me being a brave girl and chopping down spider infested trees and bushes. Traumatized didn't cover it.

I then had to endure the men at the dump laughing at me and my sad attempt to pour bags of spider tree into the dumpsters. I'm telling you, pouring things into a pit with your eyes closed takes skill! One of the workers even advised me to go home and get changed into a top that covered all of my skin so spiders couldn't access me. May I remind you that the current temperature was 21 degrees plus! They then proceeded to laugh and 'WEEEY' when I sat in my housemates car with a winter jacket on with the hood up to protect myself from spiders getting in my hair (duh). Safety first people.

This is just a small example of how suffering from Arachnophobia can affect you every single day. So please, don't laugh at your friend when they run out screaming and crying because they came across a beast. And whatever you do, DO NOT proceed to chase them with it. Have a little sympathy folks.

Can I just add that my first day back at home for the summer holidays and my dad has already managed to chase me around the living room with a spider in a glass. And you wonder why I malfunction in the rest of society.

This is my 'I've just seen a spider' face

L.Bel xoxo


  1. I know how you feel. My older, annoying sister, always makes fun of me and laughs at my fear of spiders. I haven't met anyone who would understand me, besides my English teacher, who also suffers from arachnophobia.

    1. It's so very annoying! Thanks for reading :)


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