Friday, 21 June 2013

The Confessions Behind Dreading Summer...

Today was officially my last day of term. Well...term actually finishes next Friday but I'm giving myself an early summer. SHH I wont tell my professors if you don't!

The build up to summer is actually bigger then summer itself. What I mean is, from how you're going to style your hair to what activities and adventures you are going to do, everything is planned. Right down to the last second. You have in your head this perfect scenario of you running through the waves on a beach with your bestest friends, sporting beach curls and flowing dresses.

What actually happens is all of your friends are suddenly in deep meaningful relationships and aren't to be seen for miles whilst your parents spend half the time questioning you on why you are still single and the other half on what on earth you're planning to make as a career choice once you leave uni. [Insert Bridget Jones right here].

And when you're not stuck in a cycle of self single pity, you're running around your part time, minimum wage job to scrape enough cash together to live off next year.

Before you know it, it's the start of term and you have a complete melt down because your professor was expecting you to complete your 10,000 word dissertation project by September whereas you haven't even written the title. Perfect.

All in all, you're left with a big fat bucket of disappointment.

I therefore decided to write myself a Summer bucket list. All of which are realistic for myself...I think.

1. Learn and perform 'The Cup song' - I have already started this and so far so good...not.

2. Do your own version of 'The Cup Song' - I really want to apply a different song to the cup. Challenge accepted.

3. Continuing your haberdashery adventures - Last summer my biggest achievement with my single lonely time was creating a patchwork quilt. I feel like taking on a project like this again. I may need inspiration - Any ideas folks?

4. Become Queen of the Universe.

5. Have a 'Carrie Bradshaw/ Serena Van Der Woodson/ Breakfast At Tiffany's' moment when I visit New York this summer. My parents are taking my to the big NYC and I am SO excited. In my head it's going to play out like the movies/TV shows where I go on hundreds of shopping trips, buy hundreds of handbags and jewelry whilst falling madly in love with a city boy. Yes I realise this is 100% unrealistic but there is no harm in dreaming right?

6. Put yourself on Youtube - Whether I am Vlogging, singing, dancing or generally making an ass of myself in public, I want to take on the big bad video world.

7. Blogging - I plan to keep up my blogging, with the help of glipho I reckon this will come very easy to me ;)

So here you go. 7 totally realistic goals. Okay, maybe 5....6 at a push.

Wish me luck, and if you think you can advise/inspire me on any of these goals come hither my friends. And if anyone wants to do it with me, please go for it. I want to hear your summer bucket lists!

L.Bel xoxo


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