Monday, 20 May 2013

The Confessions Of Student Life...

Well my exams tomorrow so therefore I figured I need to spend my time wisely. Clearly that thought never developed past a thought as I’m sat here blogging.

I wanted to do a blog on the weird life of a student. When you go to university you expect crazy nights out, long snoozy lectures and so on. No one ever tells you of the weird stuff you have to do to survive. It’s a jungle out there.

Starting on the basic topic of laundry. Doing laundry as a student has to be the worst concept created since actually paying thousands of pounds for university. If it’s clear you've got another wear. Seriously, washing is expensive and time consuming. Therefore if there are no visible markings upon your clothing then call it your lucky day, you've got at least another weeks wear out of it! Don’t even get me started on ironing…that’s what hair straighteners were really invented for!

Food has to be one of the most tragic topics. You can forget branded products for a start. Who do you think you are?! The Queen of England?! It’s value value value from now on. When that whole horse meat scandal hit the UK, to the majority of the population it was a real travesty. To a student, well, you’re just happy you have some form of meat in your diet, regardless of whether it’s chicken, cow or horse. My campus is dominated by ducks and geese. On long rainy days I can honestly admit I’ve had a low moment of picturing a duck wrap on legs….

I wonder why people think I’m barking mad…

You also discover that you take this laid back approach of ‘food is food’ regardless of what state you consume it in. For example, a most common event among students is moldy bread. To the average human being, one would simply pop it in the bin. Oh no, you won’t get such distasteful actions at a university.  Bread is bread. Regardless of whether it has gone furry. Pity me. Sell by dates are a conspiracy.

Oh and remember that saying 'Sharing is caring' can forget that rule. I barely have enough money to feed myself. It's every man for himself in a student kitchen.

In forms of charging all your unnecessarily expensive student gadgets such as your laptop, tablet, iphone and so on...what do you think the library was built for? Save save save on those electricity bills! 

I could make this blog go on forever, so lastly I touch upon that thing we’re supposed to attend each week…oh what are they called….begins with L…..LECTURES, ah yes. Who actually attends lectures? You start off the term feeling awake and motivated to take on the big bad world. By the end of the second week of term you’re lucky if you make it out of bed past midday. Anyway, who needs to attend lectures when you can just learn it all the night before your exam?!

Speaking of exams, I have one tomorrow. Wish me luck…if I remember which way it is to actually get to university…

L.Bel xoxo

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