Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Confessions Of My Dirty Blogging Secret...

I'll be honest. No one I know personally has any clue about my blog. It's not that I intend to secretly blog about my friends and not tell them. It's not even that I am ashamed of my blog, why would I be, it's clearly the best blog out there [Insert tone of sarcasm here]?!

It's more of a self confidence issue. As I tend to subject myself to public humiliation on a daily basis I felt it important to keep my blogging identity secret. I get embarrassed when my tutors read my academic work let alone allowing friends to read the personal thoughts I so publicly display to the whole wide virtual world. Silly irrational ironic Laura.

The physical belongs in the physical and the virtual stays on the virtual. When my friends read tweets out loud from my personal twitter account you will find me leaving the room, breaking into a small run (no i lie I can't run, scrap that bit), catching a bus to the airport, moving to the other side of the world and changing my name. I kid you not. 

I have no issue with the whole wide virtual world reading my blogs. In fact, I love it. So why am I so embarrassed about anyone I personally know reading it?! As soon as one of my housemates enters the room whilst I'm mid blogging, it's a quick chuck of the laptop out the window, army dive away from my desk and into casual but suspicious pose on the bed. My voice goes all squeaky and high pitched when I'm trying to act all nonchalant. It really demonstrates to you how useful my drama A level really was...

It's like singing. I love singing. Everybody loves singing. However I only sing in the shower because no one I know apart from the rubber duck and Danny the dolphin bathmat are my audience (I always receive 100% standing ovation from the pair of them). As soon as a friend or family member ask me to recite that song they recognise that I was humming, I'm straight out the door whilst filling out a witness protection form and moving to Mexico. Insecure doesn't quite cover it.

It is definitely fear of the known, not the unknown.

It leads me to think....are you guys loud and proud about your virtual adventures or do you hide under the cyberrock with a completely different identity? Go on, you can tell me, it will be our dirty little blogging secret. 

L.Bel xoxo

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