Friday, 3 May 2013

The Confessions of the haircut...

New start, new me. So what better way to start my new plans then to have a new hair cut! For any normal 20 year old girl, this is a nice pampering experience to boost the confidence and to feel special for all of 24 hours. For me...this is the worst form social awkwardness you can force upon yourself.

My story begins with the student dilemma of 'Where in this city that I know so little about can I get my hair cut and coloured for a price that doesn't lead to living off value baked beans for weeks after?'. Well I found myself asking this question within the earshot of a good friend who recommended her local hairdresser up the road from her student squaler. With a tingle of excitement and a huge flock of the butterflies, I obliged.

Now if you are anything like me, getting your hair done is a stressful experience purely for the socially awkward situation of having a one on one conversation with a hairdresser you have never met before and lets face it, you're convinced they're going to go all Jackie Chan on those locks you've spent so long pushing to grow.

So I enter this salon of doom with much apprehension. I am placed on a swirly chair, suited up in a robe and passed over to the stylist who engages in the inquisition of how she can rescue my frizzy wig. 

I request this...

I come out like this

So not only do I come out LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS I DID BEFORE I WENT hair is 3 inches shorter when I stressed and stressed and stressed that I only have a small trim to tidy up the ends....


I admit, I do not take the best care with my hair. I fry it with every heat appliance the beauty world will throw my way and I don't exactly take regular visits to the salon. My reckless hair styling behavior earned me a severe 'I'm seriously judging you right now' scorning from the stylist. 

'When was the last time you got your hair cut?!'

'So you are sure you don't want me to take off more?'

'What are you actually aiming to achieve by growing your hair out?'

'I take it you don't use heat protector?'

Let's just say I crawled face down out of that salon and I am planning to never return.

I even tried to engage in salon 'girl talk' with the other stylists on the local school prom and how exciting it is to get styled and dressed up. Only to have the response from my stylist of 'I never went to prom. I don't regret it.' ..... if tones could kill. 

My highlight of this trip was when she asked 'How do you want your hair dried?' 

Sorry but how was I supposed to know that 'With a blow dryer?!' was a sassy remark and that was not what the stylist meant. Someone remind me to read up on hairdressing jargon next time I go for a cut!!!!

I honestly don't know who was more awkward, me or the stylist. 

I've learnt my lesson. I'm never setting foot in a hair dressers ever again. Simples.

L.Bel xoxo

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