Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Confessions Of A Disney Princess...

Okay. I'm going to be honest. This isn't going to be some cute fluffly sparkly post on how amazing Disney is. Don't get me wrong, I'd die if I didn't have Disney in my life. But there is one issue I have with Disney...and it's been on my mind for many years now.


Like a lot of people, I grew up watching every Disney movie ever produced. Ever. And all I ever wanted to be was a Disney princess. I told my mum the first time I watched The Little Mermaid that I was going to marry prince Eric. Trust me, it took me a long time to realize that ain't ever gonna happen.

Disney, you gave me false expectations of men. I want a refund.

I'm not saying I'd change anything about Disney but I think they should produce some movies of 'Girl, this is what life is really like'.

I mean the only time I ever felt like a Disney princess was at my High School prom...

So here is how I see it
We've got two options here planet earth. Produce Disney films with realistic explanations of men who don't run around on white horses saving damsels in distress OR make it compulsory for all girls to dress like Disney princesses every day.


L.Bel xoxo


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