Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Confessions Of The Best Friend Syndrome...

It's too late for me. Save yourself. It's an epidemic. It's everywhere. It's unavoidable and it's really really annoying.

Best Friends. We all have one.

When you get older, you become more dependent on them. They're the ones that tell you there are plenty more fish in the sea, tell you what dress looks better, scrape you off the club toilet floor, act as a human headband when your stomach has had one beverage too many, put you to bed when you've partied that little bit too much over the get the picture. BUT if you're not careful and if you don't take precautions they become the substitute boyfriend/girlfriend. They are in every inch of your life. Up to that point that to the rest of the world, you are insufferable. I like to call this 'The Best Friend Syndrome'. And I for one am terminal.

Symptoms include:

  • Texting each other so much you defy your mobile networks contract rules of 'unlimited texts'
  • Having a borderline lovers tiff because you've gone 12 hours without a phone call from each other 
  • Writing on each others Facebook walls even though you're in the same room 
  • Getting regular 'You have reached your tweeting capacity' messages because you're clogging up everybody else's twitter feed with 'BFFFFFS 4 LIFE XOXOXO' and other personal jokes.
And don't think it can easily be contained. They don't just come in pairs, they often travel in packs. Strutting the high street with their high pitched squeals and pack calls of 'EHMEHGERD LET'S INSTAGRAM IN NANDOS' 

To the rest of the world you're irritating, immature and in desperate need of a boyfriend.

Readers should be aware of this syndrome. It can strike at any point in life, any where, any time.

It's too late for me. Here's my fellow blogger and bezzie, Miss Zoe D.
 Yes. That is us pulling stupid faces and putting it into a collage ready for Instagram. It's too late for us. But not for you. Save yourself before you too become insufferably cute and giggly. Referring to each other as 'Marshmellow and Lillypad (How I Met Your Mother reference).

Methods of precautions found useful by those who have successfully avoided this syndrome are

  • Anti-social behavior
  • Avoiding Social Networking sites
  • Owning a Mobile Phone created in the 90s
  • Avoiding fast food restaurants
  • Being in a relationship.
Maybe you can save yourself. It was too late for me.I can't escape this. I love my partner in crime. 
Who needs a boyfriend anyway?...I don't even know how often they need walking...

L. Bel xoxo


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