Friday, 3 May 2013

The Confessions Of The Beginning...

Hey, I’m Laura and welcome to what you will learn to be the most exciting blog the internet can hit you with!....No I lie, you can probably find an inspiring travel blog of a student on his ‘gap yah’ on Google much more exciting than me HOWEVER, don’t feel disheartened of your find for I am more than just an average face (see, at least I’m honest). These are the confessions and events through my week and daily routines with the added twist of me being the most socially awkward girl on the planet. I do not exaggerate. I once told a friend I took Sociology as a degree because I hoped I would learn to become less socially awkward and more of a functional member of society. She laughed. I wasn’t joking. Things just got a little awkward huh? See, you’ve been reading this for a minute and I’ve already succeeded in becoming an atmosphere killer.

Here is a funny picture to emphasize how crazy I am...
Hereeeeeeeee's Laura

Am I still not selling it? .... Yeah I would jump through hoops for you but....I can't afford the hoop. I'm a student or in parents term 'The Debt'. I love my degree but I am getting to that scary stage in life when you get told to put down the Barbie dolls and suit up. The Barbie doll is metaphorical...I don't still play with Barbie dolls...I'm 20.....this is awkward...ANYWAYS I am working towards a dream in Social Media/Marketing and quite frankly, I don't know where to begin! So stick with me on my adventure, if you think you can help with advice and what not then please do not hesitate to contact me over my blog or my twitter account @lbeldreams

There is great purpose behind my blog. This is my online diary to note my journey towards my dream of travelling to California to gain work experience in San Francisco. It is going to be a long journey but I WILL get there!...if California let me in! If I put my mind to it I believe I can achieve this. American dream here I come!

Oh and did I mention I am clumsy, loud, awkwardly funny and just all round crazy. There goes any future employer prospects...... played Laura played.... I promise this blog will be filled with moments of laughter, embarrassment and many 'Oh my, did she really just do that?' moments.

 SO anyways…it would be appreciated if you stuck around for events to come. Trust me…I make Bridget Jones look as graceful as Kate Middleton. I wasn’t joking. xoxo


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