Friday, 10 May 2013

The Confessions Behind My First Week On Glipho...

I have been blogging for just over a week and I began using glipho a week today when a good friend kindly acquainted us. What a fun week it has been!

It was a week or so ago myself and said friend decided to attend a networking event at our university, attended by some of the biggest media heads in the UK. SRS BSNS.

Remember that scene from Bridget Jones when she attempts networking and makes a complete fool of herself? Well that was what my friend and myself had succeeded in doing. Someone really needs to create a career in awkward networking. We'd own that.


We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to the BBC Communications Manager who gave us some brilliant advice and inspired us to start blogging so we could build an online audience.

One week later and here I am. Taking over the internet and becoming an online sensation.


However, it has been a very successful week on my blogging adventure. Beginning my blog on Blogger has been a great experience yet I still felt like a needle in a blogging haystack. Far from the audience and not really knowing if anyone was taking any notice of my blog. Why would they? Who really wants to listen to a clumsy, easily excited and over enthusiastic student? (I'm a real self confidence booster)

Then Glipho flew into my life and I am completely hooked! Glipho makes all users feel welcome and gives everyone the chance to shine with their blogtastic thoughts. I have really felt for the first time in my social media life that people actually have taken notice of my writing. So I want to say a huge thanks to every single viewer who has taken the time to read and even pass the odd comment on my blog.

Glipho has become the new way forward. So much so that I am so focused on it I have completely neglected all work and exams that are happening in the next couple of weeks. Woops.

I hope Glipho receives all the internet attention it deserves! It is the perfect social networking platform and I recommend it to all bloggers out there.

I'm grateful of any advice and tips on how to improve my blog on blogger so all comments are welcome :)

Now....I best get on with....what am I studying again?

L.Bel xoxo

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