Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Confession Of A Fangirl...

I'm a tired and hard working student so I apologise if i'm slacking in making my blogs entertaining! We don't just sleep all day you know, we occasionally have to revise for these things called 'Degrees'...who'd of thought it?

To the point: 

Fangirl. A word often found on social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. A Fangirl is...well I'll give you the Urban Dictionary definition:

Fangirl : A female who has overstepped the line between healthy fandomn and indecent obsession.

Now, I for one am fully aware I am guilty of such a crime. I have in the past fixated on a rockstar or actor so far past the point of healthy obsession. Such fangirling consisted of redecorating every visible surface of my bedroom with said celebrities face or listening to their music and only their music, telling people said rockstar would one day bump into you in the street and realise you are the one etc etc etc.... I even had the odd fantasy they'd burst into a science lesson, sweep me off my feet and we'd ride away into the sunset of Los Angeles in their stretched limo. (Which by the way, Christian Bale is definitely going to do any day now)

You catch my drift, I mean lets face it, we've all been there! 


I kinda feel there is a difference between the fangirls of the late 90s - early 00s to the fangirls of today. Fan girls of today are in a new league. It was only today that Ed Sheeran instagrammed a photo of a broken award and as i scrolled over my feed I witnessed a comment from a fan that stated  'I cried all night and for days after when I saw this' erm...honey it will fix with some superglue, I'm sure Ed didn't take it that hard. Maybe it's the internet that exposes the inner weirdness of a fan girl, so creepiness always existed it's just much more visible now...

I follow a lot of My Chemical Romance fans on twitter as It's nice to have something in common with a bunch of strangers you're never going to meet but it really scares me to see tweets consisting of band members houses and so on...like...when did that become your business? 

And do you know what's worse then creepy tweets? FANFICTION.  

If you don't know what 'Fanfiction' is then I'll let you google it yourself. But I can tell you one thing. You can thank Fanfiction for 50 Shades Of Grey.... I'll let that one sit with you...

I'm sorry if fanfiction is your thing. I know it's good to be into creative writing and all that but shipping 'Harry Potter' and 'Draco Malfoy' as 'Drarry' is something my eyes weren't placed on this planet to see. I can NEVER read Harry Potter in the same way EVER again. I hope you're happy.

When did it become okay to know everything about every celebrity to grace this planet? Knowing their favourite colour or their favourite musician is fine. But scaling the internet for pictures of their house or who they're currently dating is none of your business! Privacy is such a thing of the past.

And QUIT with the scary fanfictions. I dread to think any of my heroes google themselves and read one. It makes me uncomfortable to watch them experience the weird and freaky that is their fanbase.

I'm all for 'Be who you are' but there may just be a line you crossed a few miles back...

L.Bel xoxo


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