Monday, 30 December 2013

The Final Confession Of 2013

Happy holidays bloggers! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to start the New Year with a great big bang! I'm excited for this is my last blog post of 2013! It's a real special one! No I lie it's just like all my other posts.

First of all, Santa forgot to bring me Zac Effron. I'm just assuming he got lot in the post at this moment in time. I'll just sit by chimney and wait for his arrival. Secondly, you know you're truly becoming Bridget Jones when your mum buys you not only numerous pairs of granny pants for Christmas but granny pants with pictures of cats on them. Just what every 21 year old wants for Christmas. Also, I'm wearing super thigh and stomach supporting tights for New Years eve. Yeahah, I plan to spend 2014 watching homes under the hammer whilst showing my 10 cats pictures of cakes I dream to make. 21 going on 65 it appears.

2013 really has been an incredible year and I am sad that it has to end however I am very much ready for 2014. I have been lucky enough to experience so much greatness this year and I am blessed. I got to visit New York, I won a Laptop, I bought lots of beautiful handbags, I turned 21 and last but not least, started this blog! I feel 2013 has been one of my best years yet. It hasn't been all fun and games and I've experienced some horrendous things especially towards the end but all in all it made me a stronger person so I'm grateful for that.

2014 scares me. This time next year I could not tell you where I'll be. I'd love to be employed and happy in some form of graduate job however at this moment in time that doesn't feel too realistic. I hate uncertainty so the start of 2014 is going to be such a challenge for me. It's also the year I graduate....crap..I think I'll just jump ship now and run off into the sunset with Zac Effron...

I wanted to thank you for sticking with me on my blogging adventure and I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2014 brings you joy, success, love, laughter and friendship. I also hope your New Years Eve is full of magic. I have to be on my best behavior this year and I was going to tell you why but that story is definitely one that doesn't need to be made anymore famous then it is, it has taken a full year for my friends to recover...woops

Anyways, I just heard the doorbell, I guess it must be Zac so best wishes my beauties!

L.Bel xoxo


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings my lovely bloggers! I hope you're festive fun has begun!

I apologize for my lack of blogging over the past 2 weeks, I've been so so so so busy! I've been to London, I've had birthday celebrations to attend and I've had lots of work to do before I go bang!

I'm currently sat ion the sofa with a snoozing springer spaniel asleep next to me whilst we watch Elf. Admittedly I'm not feeling too festive today for I got rejected this morning from my dream graduate scheme. Brutal right? Who rejects applicants on Christmas eve?! If anyone works for Sky or knows anyone that works for Sky recruitment, please could you teach them the meaning of heartlessness. And also warn them Santa is bringing them coal. No, I'm not bitter at all. This though has triggered a slightly 'Bridget Jones' Christmas spiral. No career prospects, single and lonely and skint. Thank you Sky for that blow to my self esteem.

Now that's enough of the pity party and let celebrate Christmas! I can't believe I've made it all the way to Christmas as a blogger. That's 8 whole months of blogging! I would have never of thought I'd of blogged for so long and I definitely owe that one to all of you who have read my blog, commented, retweeted and followed. I can promise you Santa is gonna get stuck coming down your chimneys as he brings you lots of joy!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends and fun...Oh an some darn good bargains in the Christmas sales ;) Personally I'm hoping for a new handbag...of the Chanel kind...Yeah I know that's being optimistic.

Now if I don't find Zac Effron under my Christmas tree tomorrow, I'm gonna be having words with the big red man...

Happy Christmas

L.Bel. xoxo


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Career Prospects - a life lesson and journey.

I have exciting news fellow bloggers! I have joined a group called #StudentBloggerSelection run by The Student Blogger and each week they set a theme to be interpreted at your own imagination. Now you all know what my imagination is like so this is bound to be a gooden!. If you are a student or recent graduate and a blogger (regardless of what you specialize in) I recommend joining as it's a great way to build your audience. You can join by selecting the badge down on the right column of my blog. This weeks theme is Career Prospects - Enjoy! x

'Career Prospects.' Two words that can send a student running for the hills before you can whisper the words 'unemployment'.

Career Prospects begin from the youngest possible age. As a child you imagine the most adventurous career prospects possible. I wanted to be the 8th member of S Club 7. I then wanted to be a Dolphin Trainer. I then wanted to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer. When you're young you feel you can do whatever you want, the world is your oyster. Eventually I made the rational decision to become a Vet (after realising vampires don't actually exist). I loved animals and the thought of healing sick pets made me happy. As I got older the whole Vet career prospect went out the window when I realised being a Vet involved sticking your hand up animals butts and knowing I couldn't save every animal that came under my care was too much to handle. Back to the drawing board it was.

When I reached high school I had no clue. No clue at all what I wanted to be. Why would I? All I've ever known was school. Eventually and much to every students dismay, work experience week came around. Luckily for me my mum worked in my old primary school and therefore my week was sorted just like that. During this week I had so much fun in the classroom that I decided becoming a primary school teacher was what I really wanted to be. I was good with kids and knew I could be successful in this role.

However, I found university threw a bloody big spanner in the works. In fact, forget the spanner, more like a Miley Cyrus sized sledge hammer on a wrecking ball. All I had ever known was education so when I came to university and realised there was so much more to the world, I wanted to be so many different things. It was like being in primary school again, except a little less Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a little more independent business woman taking on the world. I developed a huge passion for social media and it even formed a hobby - my blog! I felt there must be some way of turning this into a career. After much research and internet trawling I decided marketing in media was the dream. Now cue the 'but'.

You start your first year feeling like Alan Sugar. Your working hard on a degree, your parents keep telling you how proud they are of you and you feel you will strut Beyonce style out of uni and straight into a graduate job with a successful company.

Oh how naive you are little fresher

I'm halfway through third year, I've applied for many graduate schemes, jumped through many 'psychometric test aka hoops on fire whilst blindfolded' and have been emailed 'It's not you it's me.... no actually it's you' application rejections. I feel less Beyonce and more Bridget Jones (as per usual) as there is less strutting out of uni and more stumbling and falling flat on my face. Career prospects are something you begin to feel you don't have. Competing against the rest of the student population whilst trying to succeed in tests designed for mathematical and philosophical geniuses. You loose faith, you loose self belief and there goes your confidence along with it. It doesn't help with that pretentious know it all we all have on Facebook posts status's like 'WOO Just got accepted for my dream job with my dream company' - Do one.

Alas, it ain't over till the cows come home

What I have learnt from the Career Prospects journey so far is to not give up. You'll find your way. You may leave uni unemployed and lost but just know, the government is expecting you to pay taxes so you can't avoid employment forever ;) But in all seriousness, if people graduate every year and eventually end up employed, you will too. Just never stop believing in yourself. How does that High School Musical song go again?...Oh yes....We're all in this together...

Child Career Prospect: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Dream Career Prospect: World Famous Rockstar

Realistic Dream Career Prospect: Working in media, preferably in digital marketing

Current Career Prospect: Unemployment

Wish me luck ;)

L.Bel xoxo


Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Movies!

Christmas isn't Christmas without a good old Christmas movie! As a big movie fan and a lover of all things Christmassy I thought I'd make a list of my top 5 must see Christmas movies!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I have always been a huge fan of Tim Burton's creations and this is definitely no exception. I love the dark sense of humor and the creativity that was involved in making this film. You have to admire Burton's bold ideas plus what Tim Burton film is complete without the soundtrack of Danny Elfman!

2. The Grinch

I remember when I saw the trailer for The Grinch whilst watching a Harry Potter film when I was little and I was actually terrified. I swore to my friends I would never see it as long as My Little Pony and Barbie Dolls ruled the earth (You know that was serious). However much to my dismay my mum dragged me to the cinema to see it. I have loved this one since that first viewing, Jim Carrey deserves an oscar for his performance but all credit goes to Dr Zeus for his ingenious ideas.

3. Die Hard

If you haven't seen Die Hard you're either too young or a chick flick loving girl. Christmas isn't complete without John Mcclane kicking terrorism butt and blowing up a skyscraper. My favourite scene of this whole film is the 'Now I have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho'.

4. Home Alone

Obviously this had to be on the list. Home Alone is the ultimate Christmas movie. Not much more needs to be said. Oh apart from when I watched this as a small child it left me forever traumatised at the thought of being home alone...

5. Elf

I think Elf will forever be my all time favourite. I wasn't a massive fan of Will Ferrel until this movie came along! It's like the Christmas Movie of Mean Girls - it's just so quotable. I never get bored of watching it and I definitely recommend you saving it until Christmas Eve.

Now there are other great Christmas movies out there like Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street and so on so if you're reading this I want to hear your top 5!

Happy Christmas!

L.Bel xoxo

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Results Of The Dreaded Haircut...

I REALLY do not want to do any work right now so I figured I could write a quick and cheeky blog post instead.

I'm doing this on request from a couple of you readers out there who wanted to know the results of the dreaded haircut. I'm gonna be honest, it was bad. Well, the haircut itself is for the best but the experience was definitely more humiliating then I expected. So here is how the story goes...(If you have just tuned into my blog please read here to get the background story before you continue)

I walked into the salon with a couple of minutes to spare, my usual hairdresser was finishing of a client and told me to take a seat in which I did. Now I don't know whether this is just me but does anyone else before they go to the hairdressers try to ensure their hair doesn't look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards beforehand? Yet no matter how hard you try to make yourself look less cave-woman in a museum and more L'Oreal advert, as soon as you walk into the hairdressers your inferior dead and damaged locks don't stand a chance against the glamour around you. It's like when you walk through the door you enter a portal that strips your hair of its dignity and you look like you haven't washed your hair in a thousand years. No? Anyone get that? Just me then?....

So I took my place on the chair and let my hairdresser gaze upon the mess that was my head.Normally I'd state what needed doing, my hairdresser would make a couple of suggestions and then off we go. Only this was not the case this time. I made one tiny 'So my hair has kind of grown out a bit lopsided due to a bad haircut from a salon at uni..' and all of a sudden it's

'Whoa your hair is wonky'

and then

'oh my gosh no seriously that is really uneven?'


'Wow let me just go and grab the back mirror so you can see what it looks like properly'

Well last time I checked it was my hair on my head and therefore I was fully aware and have been for the past 7 months about how wonky it is...but no she insisted on highlighting to me the extent of the travesty that was my hair. Only at this point she had made such a big deal the entire salon had heard and customers and hair dressers alike were all slowly edging towards me to watch the circus act. It was one of those 'can the ground swallow me up so deep I end up in Australia?'

After a 10 minute viewings for the world and his wife to come and stare and make a 'Gosh that's uneven' comment I was quickly whisked away to the backroom (my hair began scaring the other customers, clearly) where I was ducked under a sink in what felt like an 'A&E' operating theater as my hairdresser frantically ran around yelling 'CAN WE GET SOME REVIVAL TREATMENT IN HERE PLEASE, REVIVAL TREATMENT NOW!'..... Oh god was my hair that far gone?!

Due to the unevenness of my hair (did I mention my hair was wonky?, I didn't think anyone was aware of that fact yet) I had to have a hell of a lot cut off which is sad as I had spent so long growing it. But then again, it needed to happen.

The cherry on top of all hairdressing treatments is the process of 'slicking down'. Girls, you know what I mean. When they straighten your hair to an inch within its life and then apply layers of hairspray and wax so that no hair can ever stray ever again for the next 24 hours. As my hair is so thin, the slicking down process tends to make me look like a child of the 90s. So for your amusement I here provide a photo of the results as well as a couple of photos of my now lookalikes...

if my hair was any shorter I reckon I could play Edward Furlong's 'John Connor' in Terminator 2


I could be backing dancer in Nirvana's 'Smells like teen spirit' music video yes?

So there we have it. This makes a great tutorial of how to go from 'Lop sided cave woman' to '90s grunge child'. I'm pretty sure that's a trend for Topshop anyways so there is my silver lining/

Now lets see if I can beat that 7 month avoiding the hairdressers record....

L.Bel xoxo

Monday, 9 December 2013

What's In My Handbag...

I've been dying to do a 'What's In My Handbag' post for ages I just haven't got round to doing it. However there is only so much of trying to be a grown up I can take before I want to switch off for a while. Blogging is the perfect solution as it allows me to escape the real world for a short space of  time plus the typing on the keyboard makes it sound to the rest of the house as though I'm being productive. 

I think what a girl has in her handbag says a lot about who she is. Not in an evil way, I think what a girl holds in her handbag is a statement of her personality and what kind of things she's into. That and she's Mary Poppins and would put the kitchen sink in there if possible...

Alas, I can feel the excitement. Everybody say 'Hi Handbag' 

Starting off with the Diary. This one goes out to all you students out there, especially future third years. I could not get through the week if it wasn't for that diary. My head is so full of appointments/deadlines/major events that I just lose the plot. Writing everything down is so much easier to handle and definitely produces efficiency and time management! The contents of that diary is what the inside of my brain looks like. If I lost it I would not be able to function past waking up in the morning!

Secondly we have Miss Vaseline. This is last years limited edition Pink Bubbly, a little bit of class to a make up tradition. Every girl needs Vaseline. Never come between a girl and her tin. Ever.

Next on the list of crucial components to my handbag is my iPod and Urbanears. Those that are close to me know I would never ever leave the house without my iPod. I like living my life to a soundtrack and I love having music accessible at all times because lets face it, there's a song for every mood and situation and life is one big musical (in my world).

My Urbanears are one of my latest and favourite purchases of 2013. I've been desperate for decent sounds for a while and I finally found them! They come in a range of styles and colours, are big on the bass and are the perfect budget headphones for those that what a cool clear sound and style but don't want to pay the silly extortionate prices of other brands. A definite recommendation for all you music lovers and your Christmas wish list! Oh and did I mention they fold up and fit perfectly in any handbag?!

I'm an accessories hoarder and Ted Baker is my poison. I adore Ted's quirky styles in the accessories department and their purses are perfect for convenience as well as style. It definitely adds a bit of glamour to the inside of my handbag plus when I internally cry at the till on my latest shopaholic adventures I glance down at my hands to see Ted Baker fuchsia pink smiling back like a little ray of sunshine and it's all okay again....shopaholic is a word I don't use lightly when referencing myself...

Of course there was going to be a shot of my phone. Everyone and his wife has a mobile phone these days and there's always someone who's ranting about the youth of today permanently glued to their phone. Admittedly I agree, you shouldn't be sat at the pub with your mates staring at a screen however I do agree with taking it everywhere. My love for social media is all thanks to smartphones and it's the best way to stay current on the move. 

Last but not least, glasses! I'm pretty blind so if I don't have my glasses with me there's a lot of walking into lampposts and waving at a bush thinking it's someone I know. What I love about glasses is the ease of getting designer frames for cheap prices. I got the above pair by Armani and another pair by Guess for £35 thanks to clubcard vouchers and Tesco Opticians Buy One Get One Free offer. They were both worth over £100 each originally. Seriously, I wonder how they make any money these days!

So there you have it. The insides of my handbag. The handbag itself is Michael Kors and was a present to myself when I visited Macy's in New York this summer after all my hard work at the Kennels. My only problem now is I can't seem to stop buying presents for myself....woops!

I'd love to know what's in your handbag so if you have already done one of these posts let me know or if not, get typing!

L.Bel xoxo

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Confessions Of The Haircut...Part 2: Back With A Vengeance.

Remember when I first began my blogging journey back in May and I graced you with my hairdressing nightmare? No?....Okay read here and then continue

I managed a whole 7 months of avoiding the hairdressers after that little adventure. To me that's pretty good but I bet all you beauty bloggers out there just dropped your MAC lipsticks and had to cling on to your mirrors before you could register at that thought. Yeah I know it's bad but 7 months has allowed my hair to grow and....okay I killed it. I'm sorry. I sinned in the world of beauty and I now face the consequences.

My mum booked me a hair appointment at my local hairdressers (Yes it's that bad I didn't get a say), the same one I've been going to since I had enough hair to actually cut (yeah that didn't happen until I was 5, another example of how awkward my life is). I always feel that your hairdresser owns your hair. When you take your hair to a different hairdresser you might as well be stealing your traditional hairdressers car and be selling it to someone else. My last hairdressing experience, as mentioned in my older blog post, was so catastrophic my hair has over the past 7 months grown out in weird and different lengths. Admittedly it doesn't help that I fried it to death with curlers and straighteners plus my stint at the kennels over summer definitely didn't help. Oh and I forgot to mention I bleached the daylight out of the ends...

So to conclude and to get to my point, my hair resembles the texture of straw and looks as though a small child is my stylist with one side being longer then the other. I now feel I will walk into the hairdressers tomorrow to receive a 'Oh god what did you do to your hair? You hair that was so pristine thanks to my efforts'. It's so bad I had a nightmare I walked into the hairdressers to be told my hair was so bad they were going to shave it all off. Normal people are afraid of the dentist. Me? I'm scared of the hairdressers.


So yes this blog post is the rambling of a nervous and awaited haircut. I wanted to write this as the last post whilst sporting a severely bleached and lopsided head. *Sighs* Being a girl is so hard...

Enjoy your sunday and wish me luck!

L.Bel xoxo

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What University Has Taught Me...

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!! I'm home for Christmas. I'm actually home. I never thought this day would come. I couldn't even see myself making it to the end of term. I honestly thought this term would be the death of me! I've cried, slept, ate my body weight in food, cried some more, yelled at people in the library, ate more chocolate, fallen over numerous times, poured a boiling hot kettle on my hand, spent a frightening figure on junk food, slept some more and nearly went BANG. How I managed to arrive to this point in one piece I do not know. Silver linings!

Being in my final year and slowly falling into a future of unemployment and £30,000 worth of debt I wanted to make a good summary of what university has really taught me. Yeah I can now cook, wash my own clothes and fend for myself(ish), but does that really matter? Is that really the most important thing to come away with from university? I beg to differ. Here are the true student life hacks gained from three years of living the student lifestyle:

1. Social Networking will become your best friend and your worst enemy.

2. Budgeting will always fail.
3.Yes, left over pizza for breakfast and supernoodles at 3am are really okay.
4. Relationships are a danger zone
5. Bacon is the perfect hangover cure: FACT.
6. Best before dates are a myth.
7. Running out of toilet roll is the equivalent of an apocalypse.
8. Food is more valuable than money.
9. Alcohol is more valuable than food.
10. Rail travel is your nemesis.

11. Blue tac, Super glue and Hard-As-Nails will fix a student house (Our kitchen is held together with Hard as Nails and we're doing just fine).
12. Damp and mold are just 'quirks' to your home.
13. The world is full of crazies and 9 times out of 10 you will end up living with them.
14. Your parents are actually saints and you've unappreciated them your entire life up until now.
15. University is just a three year diversion from working full time.
16. Nothing good will ever come from £1 shots.
17. The acloplops are not a myth and they will affect everyone. (Stop cringing, you know it's true).
18. Never turn down anything that is free. Even if you will never use it. It was free.
19. The library should be charging you rent instead of your landlord as you never leave.
20. You will enter university with a hate for coffee and leave with an addiction.

21. Being on a first name basis with a barman or a bouncer is definitely not a good sign.
22. 'I'm never drinking ever again' is the biggest lie told at university.
23. 'I'm going to try really hard this term and not leave anything to the last minute this time' is the second.

24. You can't live without your housemates.
25. Using someone else's food or bathroom products will be the biggest mistake of your student life.
26. If you make noise during unsociable hours say bye-bye to friendship in your house/flat.
27. Student halls will be the grossest thing you ever have to witness.
28. You will at least one point in your student life hear someone above you/below you/in another flat/in another house/in another building have sex. And yes, it will be awkward.
29. Your student house will be colder then it is outside.
30. There is a North/South divide and you need to be prepared to pledge your allegiance from day one.
31. Your overdraft is just free money.

32. Tea towels are really flammable.
33. You will consider becoming a stripper at some point in your degree in order to fund your life.

34. You start off your degree feeling like Alan Sugar and you will leave feeling like Bridget Jones.
35. You can get away with anything in student houses/flats as long as you cover it with a poster or a picture.

and last but not least - regardless of whether you went to top or a lower university, it doesn't matter, you are both going to end up coming out of university unemployed, unemployable and absolutely skint. GOOD LUCK!

L.Bel xoxo


Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Confessions Of Lecture Dynamics...

You get 3 types of students.
1. The student that attends every lecture (The Full Timer)
2. The student that attends most lectures until it slowly gets to the end of term or an upcoming deadline, in which they then take a optional approach (The Part Timer)
3. That Student you don't see until finals in your third year. (The Absentee)

From the perspective of the lecturer, they most likely look across the lecture hall for an hour, book bashing their latest edition of made up theories whilst inside despise the invention of the mobile phone, tablet device and Facebook as they fully well know no one is really listening. This kind of environment you can find in any lecture, in any university, in any part of the world.

Yet to the students, it's a whole different story.

The Dynamics.
Where you sit in a lecture all varies on what type of student you are. Lets start with the full timer. The full timer seeks comfort in the front rows, leaving enough space between them and the rest of the student population therefore to avoid any shrapnel incidences as they quickly erode their pen and paper in fast paced note taking.

The part timer you tend find in the middle of the lecture hall, sat on their iPad and iPhone, flicking through last nights club photos on Facebook assessing who went home with who and who is stalking who. They vaguely take notes but don't stress too much as they know they can catch the lecture slides online. This is the type of student you wouldn't find at a 9am nor a 5am. The part timer occasionally walks in late and has no choice but to sit on the front row, deeply shamed in an ocean of red as the lecturer shoots daggers from the podium.

High up in the gods, right in the far back, so far it's almost dark, you will find the occasional group of Absentees. You don't make eye contact nor do you attempt to look cool to fit in with them. You'll only fail. In the rare appearances that they do make it to lectures, and when I say rare I mean the day you see an absentee in a lecture you know you're in your third year about to hit exams, they tend to be the ones that will actually address the stunned lecturer with an extremely intellectual and philosophical point. The rest of the student population internally die, knowing all those hours put into attending lectures could never generate a statement as flawless as that.

Rules to bare in mind before you enter a lecture hall as follows:

  1. Always check the room is empty before you walk in. Nothing says 'stupid' like opening a lecture hall door to see a room with 300 economics students staring back at you.
  2. Always check you've walked into the right lecture. Nothing says 'ground swallow me up whole' as you settle into your spot on a seat only to realise this isn't 'Introduction to the Hsitory of Art' and is in fact 'Advanced Social Theory'. You quickly scarper only to be followed by a full lecture hall of laughter. 
  3. This ones for the ladies - If you have been to the toilet before you enter a lecture, ALWAYS check your skirt isn't tucked into your tights. Heaven knows, you don't need an audience for that endurance.
  4. This one is for all you social networkers - At least TRY to make it subtle that your sat tweeting or 'poking' your mate who's sat three seats up. No one naturally stares at their crotch for two minutes only to glance across the lecture hall and give a cheeky smile. That's a thought none of us need in our heads.
  5. Don't be a know it all. No one likes that guy who puts his hand up and tries to disprove the point the lecturer has just made. Just because you've spent one term studying 'An introduction to Philosophy' doesn't mean you know more then your lecturer who has been in the profession for over twenty years. That's just embarrassing. 

Stick to these rules and remember these dynamics and you'll be just fine. Oh and one last one, no matter how hard you tried to cover it, your lecturer will always spot who went out last night and who didn't. So at least have the common courtesy to not show up to the lecture in stead of sitting there, front row (Yes you were late as you overslept) yawning with a 'I love Vodka Tuesdays' stamped across your forehead making it obvious you really don't want to be there.

It's a jungle out there in the world of academia ;) 

L.Bel xoxo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Great British Class Education Divide

As a Sociology student I find studying class division extremely interesting and well, lets face it, without class there would be no Karl Marx and no Sociology. Putting that point aside, no matter how hard you try to deny it, the study of social class is extremely relevant in today's society, especially when it comes the education system.

Before I go on to the main topic of my post, I'll give you a bit of a background from my world. Firstly, I gained my GCSEs from a state run comprehensive school. I had the choice to go to private school but quite frankly, didn't see the point. I was more concerned with where my friends were heading and my own convenience. I gained my A Levels at a college, which personally I felt was one of the best experiences of my life. Now I attend the University Of York and I am currently in my final year. Overall I feel like I have had the best education I could possibly want.

I didn't realize 'class' was an issue within schools until I began to study sociology and A level. I didn't think 'class' played a role in your position at university or your background. Well, that was until I attended university. It wasn't my course that highlighted my naivety nor was it university itself, it was my fellow peers. I hold no judgement on what school you went to, what fees you paid or even what colour your uniform was. However I found myself sucked into conversations with flatmates and course mates about what schools they attended, how high up in the league tables they were and how much they paid each term. There were even discussions of what universities people had applied to with one of my flatmates making a snide remark about myself getting an offer from Durham. Quite frankly I could not care less yet a large population of students seemed to feel the need to express their educational history. I then began to notice things more intently. The attitudes, behavior and even beliefs of surrounding students. For example, if I disapproved of the certain laddish behavior of a particular club/society, in my head I began placing it down to their particular 'rich boys' upbringing as did many around me. If I found someone condescending towards me I would judge them on their sheltered private school education. I had gone from 10 years of not caring to suddenly, and wrongly, judging people based on their background.

All of which leads us to this weeks current headline on campus. It has become such an outrage that it has reached national headlines. A small group of students painted themselves black for a costume event in order to impersonate characters from the popular 80s movie 'Cool Runnings'. They then proceeded to cause over £2000 of damage on campus property during a drunken rampage. What caused most outrage was the later reference in one of York universities student run newspapers as 'Eton Mess' 'Old Etonian' and 'Public School boys' as a label when discussing the deviants (You can read the article here). Readers were more disgusted with the reference to the boys educational backgrounds then to the actual deviant acts committed. Similarly, British tabloid papers such as the Daily Mail also often criticize students by rooting the cause back to their 'public school' background such as Oxford students and Eton alumni.

In my eyes, the focus on class is an archaic approach and sets us as a society in a backwards way of thinking.  Why are we not focusing on the actual criminal acts committed and the offence caused to surrounding students? In my eyes, we strive so hard to reduce inequality in schools and higher education yet we are the ones reproducing this labeling. I can't quite get my head around it. Obviously this isn't the sole cause of inequality, for example the constant need to rise university fees is another stupid move by this country. If our focus is on improving social mobility then sometimes I feel we're going the wrong way about it.

I want to hear your thoughts on this whole issue and whether you have faced any experiences in this area.

Well, look at me writing a semi serious and almost valid blog post. How did I do?.....Okay I'll just stick to writing about falling over and embarrassing myself in public like usual, in the future.

Thanks for reading!

L.Bel xoxo

Monday, 18 November 2013

Turning 21...Does this mean I have to grow up now?

No seriously, do I?

So I turned 21 last week, no big deal. No I lie it was a massive day, you should have all stopped in your tracks and celebrated the day I entered the planet with great big crash and a bang. In all seriousness, I had a lovely day, I was spoilt with lots of presents, my creative housemates made me a Tiffanys cake and I went out for drinks and a meal where I received lots of free alcohol. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Now before you ask, no I don't feel any older. If I'm honest I just feel like I'm having a quarter life crisis. I have no confirmed future, I have no money and at the moment it feels as though my degree is going down the potty. Apart from that, It's all good. I thought I'd weigh up the pros and cons of turning 21 and if anyone has anything to add, I'd like to hear it!


  • You're old. Like this is the last birthday where it's okay to  be treated like a kid. Next year I'm 22 and the only good thing about that is I can actually sing Taylor Swifts '22' and mean it.
  • Everyone expects you to be married and preggers by 23. Like seriously. I can see my Christmas being spent explaining why I'm not engaged yet. Ouch.
  • Your next big special birthday is 30. *runs for the hills*
  • I'm getting ID'd less. Am I aging already?!
  • It's the last year I can use 'Woops!..oh well, I'm just a kid!' exscuse. I don't think 'Woops...but I'm just a bad!'
  • I can legally go everywhere. All those places that are for some weird reason 21 and over are now my places. Mommy I'm a big girl now.

  • It's actually expected of me to start wearing Bridget Jones big knickers. And I'm totally cool with that.
  • Adult clothes are fun.
  • It's acceptable for me to be in bed by 8 in my PJs and brew. I'm totally cool with that as well.
  • 21 sounds hip and young.
  • I'm old enough to date a member of Busted, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling and Ian Somerhalder

  •  without it sounding weird. Just waiting for my phone call anytime soon now...
  • I can legally drink in the USA...(only 3 months too late).
  • I'm a young independent women and I don't need no man to make my own way in the world, dayum straight....although I wouldn't say no to a wealthy business man....
  • I'm still young - snaps for me!
Sorry this blog has been  short one and I aplogise for my lack of blogging recently. I'm mostly asleep by 8 I'm so tired and busy! Third year is hard! On another more exciting note, myself and housemates have booked a mini break to London in December and 'The Grumpy Waittress' and myself are hoping to pop in and meet the famous glipho lot! Hopefully all will go to plan! I feel like I'll be meeting celebrities! *giggles*

I'll try and get my arse in gear with the blogging shinding

Thanks for sticking around!

L.Bel xoxo


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Life Forgot To Come With Instructions...

Hello there fellow bloggers,

I have to apologise on my behalf of being so poor on the blogging front of recent. Unfortunately due to a heavy workload from uni, job hunting pressure and circumstances in my personal life, I have hit a wall. If I'm really honest, life at the moment is a bit crap as is my mood on a continuous basis. It's effecting me in so many ways and I have become quite disengaged with the world around me. I'm dealing with a loss as well as academic stress in which are stopping me from going through each day like I normally would. I wont go deeper because I wouldn't want to burden you all on such a cosy autumn afternoon. I just wanted to let you know that I may not be blogging for while with so much on my plate. Lets face it, life doesn't come with instructions and so I have to work my way out this one by myself with the help of close friends and family.

So as this post holds no direction I thought I could at least give you an update on what I've been up to and maybe a little giggle.

Now unless you live under a rock, you know we've just had Halloween. In the words of Mean Girls

'In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.'

My housemates and myself decided that this was possibly the last Halloween where we can dress up in outfits that would cause our mothers to question our future career aspirations and just get silly. So in true Mean Girl form, we donned the animal ears, the fluffy tails, the short shorts and hit the town. Unfortunately for me and my current circumstances, I could no longer hold my drink. Therefore after 3 slightly large Gin and Tonics, I lost my balance and adapted to a walking style of a baby giraffe. I often hold dignity in my pride....Halloween was not that day.

Not that there was anyone out there to impress...or maybe there was.....well lets just say after face planting the streets of York on numerous occasions throughout the night, there would be no romance for me in the air any time soon.  I only hope that one day my Birdget Jones gracefullness will win me true love. But like I said, Halloween was not that day.

Did anyone else embarrass themselves on Halloween or was that just me?!

Farewell for now, I will try to blog over the next 2 weeks but with so much going on plus trying to coordinate my 21st birthday, I don't know how active I can be. Take care fellow bloggers and keep me updated with your antics.

L.Bel xoxo


Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Confessions Of How To Embarrass Yourself At Uni...

You just gotta laugh it off....and then run.

Being about as graceful as an elephant in a tutu and holding such Bridget Jones-esque nature, embarrassing moments seem to happen left right and center. After a while you begin to accept their frequency and become so custom to them that you tend to almost be immune to the feeling of 'embarrassment'.  So I thought I'd compile my top 5 embarrassing moments at university and give you something to laugh at- Enjoy!

1. The Fall. Now this one wouldn't be as humiliating as it seems if it wasn't for it being the very first night of freshers. I'd been abandoned in an unknown city by my parents, placed in a flat with 12 people I didn't know and been told to get drunk, stick on fancy dress and party. I'd been participating in the predrinking games since 5pm with my new flat. We then headed out to an organised event on campus aka a tent on a hill with a DJ in it. Everything was plain sailing considering I'd only known these people for around 8 hours. I'll admit I had handled my vodka poorly and it was only downhill from there...literally. We were walking up the hill to the tent when my heels slid in the grass and being so lost in a blur of vodka, I could not regain my balance and rolled on down the hill. They say graceful is my middle name....not.

2. The 'Sorry I'm Late...Oh'. Okay, this one was no way near my fault. Some cruel son of a gun who works on timetables decided to schedule one of my seminars on one side of campus and then another seminar, straight after, on the opposite side of campus giving me exactly 60 seconds to get from one to another. My campus is so big it actually takes 15 minutes at a push to get from one side of campus to the other. You see my problem? With it being the start of term I didn't want to make a bad impression on my tutor by being late so I hastily jogged across campus to my second seminar. It was dark, it had been a long day, I was tired, suffering freshers flu and I had never been in said set building before and therefore had no idea where I was going. Needless to say I made it to the building, hastily jogged down the corridor through a large of group of people, spotted my room number and noticing everyone was already sat down with notebooks I burst into the room. Grasping for breathe I managed to force out a 'Sorry I'm late'. Only to receive blank stairs from the entire room including the tutor. I paused for a moment...oh crap. 'This isn't Sociology is it?' to which the entire room burst out laughing. I quickly turned to run out the room only to walk into the door (You just can't make this stuff up). Once I escaped the box and left the laughter behind I was quickly faced with my real tutor, who was also the head of the module. He kindly greeted me with the words 'Yeah...I was gonna stop you from doing that but you were in so fast'. Well at least I mad a lasting impression right? I didn't manage to make many friends in that seminar either....

3. One Student, two flights of stairs and one cup of Coffee. Working in the library is hard. No I lie, working in the library is about as exciting as watching paint dry. No I lie again, watching paint dry is actually more exciting. Everyone needs a boost of coffee in the library. After a quick visit to the cafe I was hastily heading back to my spot in the library, coffee in hand and a sense of pride and sophistication in my walk. Pride and sophistication clearly being a blinding factor as I successfully managed to slip on the carpet and stumble up the library stairs, coffee in hand no more and with an academic audience to watch. When I quickly tried to get up, holding any dignity I had left, I successfully slipped and fell back down again. Does anyone else see a reoccurring pattern here with my walking abilities?

4. Don't get your knickers in a twist. It was the end of term and we were deep cleaning our student squalor. In the midst of this deep clean I had put on a wash (yes the myth was a lie, students really do their own laundry) and was hanging out my clothes to dry. I came back to the living room to see I had accidentally dropped a pair of knickers (Don't get excited boys, Bridget Jones only has granny pants). Just as I had scooped up my not so sexy knickers to hang upstairs to dry, my housemate cried out in crisis from the kitchen. I had panicked, hesitated on what to do with my damp granny pants before I went to my housemates rescue. The logical thing to do at the time was to shove them in my coat pocket (hanging in the hallway) and retrieve them later. Weeks to come when I was back in the land of parents cooking and free bills I was watching TV on the sofa, all was at peace. My mum and dad saw it was time to collect my little bro from work. With it being only a 10 minute drive, my mum grabbed the nearest coat she could find and put it on. To my horror she placed her hands in her pocket only to pull out a pair of my granny pants. The look of confusion on my parents faces with forever haunt me. Still to this day they don't believe my story.

5. Love is blind: FACT. Being the studious girl that I am, I had picked up a book from the library and was checking it out at the check out machine. I got my belongings together and began to walk away to see a nice looking guy looking at me. I smiled and headed on home. On my journey home I was soon overtaken by said mystery library boy. Ahead of my he had stopped at my crossing, glancing back we eye contact. As I headed closer to him I was so keen on looking cool and sweet. In fact I would say I was focused on looking cool and sweet. So focused that I failed to notice the lamppost I so gracefully collided with. Let's just say there wont be a wedding anytime soon....

The moral of the story is, don't drink, always check your entering the right room, walk slow with coffee, hold onto your knickers and avoid lampposts at all costs. Now surely I can't be the only one embarrassing myself on a regular basis? I want to hear your most embarrassing stories. Come on, we're all friends here ;)

L.Bel xoxo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Great University Job Hunt...Is it over yet?

Shhh....If you listen closely, somewhere out there you can hear the whimpers and cries of a third year undergraduate falling to pieces over a graduate job application...

Panic is in the air. You can almost smell it. Riding the chunder dragon hard, nerves and panic kick in as the innocence of a third year job application is crashed and burned along with the contenders confidence. Big bad hiring managers sit behind a desk that was once the home of the woodland creatures whilst they laugh their designer socks off at the feeble attempts to sound intellectual and well rounded in order to fit the criteria of the unreachable graduate scheme. They throw your application around the staff, having one last running office joke before they chuck it back to you in an email with the response of 'There's always next year...' .... but don't bother trying is what can almost be heard at the end of the sentence.

Those fortunate enough to get through the second round of every-man-for-himself ordeal must start the physical training at the crack of dawn whilst the recruiters fire up the cannonballs and the rings of fire. This ought to make a good YouTube hit, they chuckle to the themselves as the contenders line up on the firing line. Let the hunger games begin...

Sorry I'll stop now, but I have a point right? Okay I know that isn't really what happens in the world of graduate schemes but it is what runs through the mind of every student grasping at straws for a job. It feels like a game of luck when it comes to applying for jobs. The ones you would love to be a part of shoot your confidence in the space of 30 seconds flat with their psychometric tests and if that hasn't killed your ambition then the looks of 'Yeah dream on kid' received from the university careers department sure as hell will.

It's a well known fact among friends, family and the internet that I have zero confidence when it comes to SERIOUS BUSINESS. I can't even go to the pub with new found friends from archery society without embarrassing myself by crossing 'goodbye' and 'bye' with 'gye'...before I could grasp any dignity off the floor I quickly ran out of the pub before I could think to correct myself. What chance do I stand in a job interview?!

In all fairness, I have a fantastic personality if I may say so myself. I'm bubbly, chatty, enthusiastic, friendly, open to new challenges and a bloody hard worker. Yet companies would rather test you through intimidating virtual strategic tests that not even themselves no the correct answer to. How do I show off my dazzling personality to an employer if all they can do if judge me on my philosophic answer of why a triangle is really a circle with a dot in the middle?! You're reading this and thinking 'Girl, you make no sense'. I've been saying that to the job recruitment process yet my voice is yet to be heard.

What's worse for us poor graduate scheme wanters, the pressure. The pressure to leave university with employment. Your parents have spent their entire life supporting you through your education. Attending every parents evening since you were 4, helping you with homework, buying you ingredients for food tech class, coming to watch those awful nativity plays where you were always cast as a tree, transporting your ass and belongings up and down the country twice a term for 3 years..oh and lets not forget the thousands of pounds they provide you with so you can actually attend university. If they can do all that for you over 17 years of education, why are you so incapable of getting a job? All I want to do is turn around to my parents and make them proud with acceptance onto a graduate scheme yet the job system begs to differ.

What was planned to be an insightful blog post on the never ending process of job hunting turned out to be a big disaster on what it's like to be a struggling third year with an irrational fear of words such as 'careers' 'application' and 'deadline'.

If you have gone through the rigorous process of job hunting/applying for graduate schemes then I want to hear your stories and advice. If you are going through this process right now, then I want to hear your thoughts. And if you are a big major company in need of a superstar...then hire me?...pretty please?

L.Bel xoxo

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